Control. Alternate. Delete.

I have it figured out.

Brooklyn. Brooklyn. Brooklyn. 

We didn’t last long as strangers.

Swimming in your whiskey soaked tongue.

Whiskey Sours.

In your skin.

Your hair long, just above the small of your back.

Your bones through your skin.

Ink on your left thigh that couldn’t be read until your heavy breaths fell shallow.

I am ready now.

Annie. Annie. Annie.

On this day.

We drove over four hundred kilometers. For one long weekend that I will remember for the rest of my life. The sky as black as I had ever seen, and I finally saw how many stars reside there. Grains of sand on the earth, you are no match.

We were alone, on our backs. We were laughing uncontrollably, and I cried just a little.

I can’t be there with you this year. I can’t keep feeding the idea.

I’ll find this all in someone new. 

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samkinsman said: I love your story and I'd love to grab coffee and pick your brain when you get here. <3 I hope and pray you find your love.

Thanks :) …. well I am a tea addict, and cafe’s do both - so, you’re on!

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gole-yakh said: missy higgins talks quite a bit about the jezabels! also, if i may ask, whereabouts in the city do you live? as in, maybe, which borough?

She too clearly has a great taste in music! You may ask me anything you like. I’m currently in Australia but will be over soon. Making Brooklyn home for a little while.

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In July.

Knocking on your door until your mother answered. Running late. The sun had been down for hours, and I had been down on the coast. The drive to your family home still makes me nervous. It shouldn’t anymore, not since I decided to stop loving you. You wouldn’t know it, as I shake and shiver my way to your front door on the only warm night this winter.

You are close behind and I can almost taste the wine on your breath as your arms reach around my body.

Your friends; at the table.

Your family; at the table.

We drink on.

We drink on.

We drink on.

You kiss me goodnight.